Cool Guy Clothes at Prana on 50th.

November 17, 2012

 Pamela Diedrich at

In the southwest metro we hike,  bike, run, dance and wear lots of performance pants. Just when you think 50th and France would burst its Lycra seams in active wear stores, another one opens its doors.

Prana set up shop a few doors down from Title Nine, but caters to the Y chromosome (as well as the X).

Curious, I browsed the grand opening last night and learned this place has a lots of “cool guy” clothes.

Who is the target market or ideal poster child?”  I wondered, as I poked around the reclaimed wood clad, loft-like space.

 “Brad Pitt?  Nah.  Definitely not  dorky Chanel Brad,  but maybe facial-hair Brad…”

A little more poking and I changed my mind.   I learned it was the CEO I unknowingly asked to help me find a size.  CEO in the house? -Nice- A refreshing hands-on approach for a national brand.

I see. This place is more for the “real guy;”  one would shovel his own driveway (bye-bye Brad) smoke his own ribs or maybe grow tomatoes, and would definitely run the lakes in January.

I texted hubby…thinking he should meet me in five– but he of texted me back stating I took every set of car keys.  Oops.   So shopped for me:)   Score: winter powder parka jacket, black jellyfish tee, tank top and a truffle. (to-go)

Back to the “Y.”  Prana had  lots of lined denim  and good “guy gear” -like those hiking pants that zip off at the knee and become shorts.  Also- outerwear that looks ruggedly handsome, but not too Dinty Moore.

It will be nice to have a “real guy” option in the hood.

And YES gals ) …lots of ladies performance pants.  They seem to be  of the “quality machine-wash gentle, hang to dry” sort,  but with  prices that don’t necessarily hang you out to dry.

Shop Here 

 Pamela Diedrich at

White Denim; a Summer Staple. How to buy WHITE jeans.

June 8, 2012

White demin…so crisp, so cute, but such a conundrum. Why is something so cute on the hanger so difficult to find the right fit?



White is not forgiving… which is why we all wear BLACK work out pants.  “Black”- we love you.  You flatter, even when one is a wee bit fatter. Denim Blue—we love you too.  *Buy them tight, they stretch!

Ah Ha!  Could that be my issue?  I was shopping for white denim using rules for *dark denim.  Normally, we buy our blue jeans super snug, right?  We do.  It works.

But in WHITE denim… super-snug CAN very easily turn Michelin Man.

So what if I just slipped on a pair one size up from the blue denim I wore to the store?  Worth a try, right? I scooped up 3 or 4 different styles (necessary for ANY color jean) and wouldn’t you know it…  the body skimming (not body hugging) fit made the difference.

Cute, crisp and no longer a conundrum, white jeans are a summer essential.  (so is Oxiclean)


Note: Great fits available in all price ranges.

I recently purchased a super cute pair with a super cute client- Citizens of Humanity crop/ Nordstrom.

 Another nice fit-  Mossimo Supply crop/Target.

Special Event Dresses. In Search of THE ONE.

April 24, 2012

Too excited to find a scissor, I ripped open the little brown box with a kitchen fork.  Poor fork.  I could barely wait to see the Versace Collection dress I ordered online. It was for a client, currently seeking sizzle for a spring soiree.

Said client has a svelte little silhouette, so she could make any dress sing.  But what I loved about this particular dress was that it combined sizzle and sophistication.  So HER!   Paired with a sensational heel…it had tons of potential.

Guess what?   It was the LAST size six and it WAS ON SALE!

YAY!  I couldn’t believe me luck!:)

I threw off the packing paper and  GASP!! I  really couldn’t believe me luck…:(

The box did not contain Versace sizzle!

It contained a pair of flip-flops. Fizzle.

Grey flip-flops, no less.  It was heartbreak-in-a-box.

Customer service consoled me for the mistake (and actually tried to help me locate the dress in other stores!)   Unfortunately,  it wasn’t meant to be.

But before I write it off, I’m going to write about it. The dress-that-got-away is an excellent blog example of a glam dress with all the right elements:

  • The clean lines elongate for long, lean look.
  • The two tones (black on the sides) are super slimming.
  • The draped neck is not only flattering, but easy to wear.
  • The unique Y-back adds interest.
  • The length is ideal.  One never has to worry about being “age apprpriate” with this hemline.

A dress like this might not initially catch your eye on the hanger.   Details like these, however, will make it an eye-catching dress ON the person.  The take-away:  While shopping for dresses it’s a good idea to search FIRST for a flattering cut.  Then for the color, style etc.

There. lemonade out of lemons.  Closure via keyboard.    It  was silly to fall in love (on-line) with a dress I’ve never met in person.   It probably had baggage, right?

I’m over you Versace dress.  SO excited to move on and find THE ONE!     

How to Make Classic Clothing Work for You.

April 11, 2012

You’ve heard of ghost writers, right?  Have you heard of a ground-hog writer?  Probably not, as I just made it up.  It’s me. I wrote a story last fall and left it buried in my computer until spring.  Those darn “priorities” got in the way of blogging, Facebook, etc.     

So with a slight revision/tweak, this blog post is finally poking its head out…and just in time for the Morningside Woman’s Club Fashion Show Monday, April 16th, most appropriately featuring the classic stylings of Melly.

*Spring fashion is in full swing and you have to admit, getting reacquainted with your colorful cardigans and bright belts is kind of fun. Figuring out which pieces need to be weeded out of your wardrobe this season, not so much.

Rotating your closet can take a little time, but filling up that box labeled “Did I really wear this?” takes so much more.

Wouldn’t you love to have a closet full of clothing that transcends time?

It is possible. Clothing that transcends time is, of course, called “Classic.”

Jackie O in Chanel or Mad Men’s, Betty Francis, may come to mind when you think of classic, but classic clothing is less about looking iconic and more about having a timeless appeal year after year. Think trench coat, straight skirt or cardigan. It’s a quality piece, with clean lines, tailored feminine fit, and somewhat basic.

If that last descriptive word, “basic,” bugs you, I’m certain it’s because you prefer a more dramatic, more glam, more casual (insert your preference here) style. But don’t bah humbug “basic” yet, because no clothing genre is required to exist on its own. Mix it up. Get some peas in your mashed potatoes or better yet, some peanut butter in your chocolate!

Mixing it Up (with a little help from designers)

If you’re bored with basics and can’t quite figure out how to make them special, let the designer do it for you.

For example, Kate Spade New York modernizes a pearl bracelet with gold-plated metal and crystal accents. It’s classic with a kick.

Anne M. Cramer design

Melly at Galleria, is a beautiful boutique brimming classic styles including Kate Spade. Boutique owners, Caryn Kelly and Mary Mead have an eye for timeless style. In fact, Melly was the first retailer to offer the unique, classic pieces of local designer Anne M. Cramer.

Cramer’s designs are feminine and have a fabulous twinge of 50’s flair. The designer elaborated, “The timing with the MADMEN craze was perfect. I feature the feminine form, not tight, but still shows off curves.”

Here, a simple sash at the waist adds a playful pop of color to the classic cardigan.

Get Creative with Your Own Classics

Mixing and matching classics with other clothing categories takes no more time that weeding out your wardrobe for the season. Remember our goal is: a closet full of clothing that transcends time.

Try this:

1) Pull a classic piece from your closet.

2) Lay it on the bed and look for an unexpected pieces to pair with it.

3) Looks weird? Grab another, and another until you have a, timeless classic look with your own unique spin.

Take time to incorporate classics, but do it with your own creative kick. Your closet will transcend time, no matter what the season.

Dramatic Holiday Stroll at 50th and France Edina.

December 9, 2011

Camba Collection Kristin Krull

Three weeks before Thanksgiving, my evergreens were already accessorized.  Their tiny lights were ready to twinkle, but I made them wait until late November to shine.  (It was hard to resist!)

Now that the trees are all decked out, it’s time to accessorize ourselves for the holidays.Come get your glam on at Drama, a Boutique 11am-4pm on Saturday December 10th.
Drama is known for its selection of beautiful, handmade, local jewelry is hosting a Holiday Jewelry Bazaar.  Five of the boutique’s hottest local designers will be on site showing extensive collections while boutique owners, Courtney & Brynn, offer complimentary gift wrapping, cider and sweet treats.  The event coincides with 50th & France’s Holiday Stroll event, so the area will feature traditional carollers and of course, the best Christmas accessory ever…lots and lots of little lights!  (confession: my backyard lights were lit EARLY November.)
Featured designers include:
ROX by Robin Robinson:
CAMBA by Kristin Krull:
Dramas does so much more than accesories. Peruse my Patch Article and then browse the boutique in person for beautiful baubles, blazers, bags and more.  DRAMA as featured in Patch.

Buying Up Bling with Billy! Win a Shopping Spree with Melrose Place Star, Andrew Shue.

November 14, 2011

Andrew Shue, star of the 1990’s hit Melrose Place, will be at Edina’s version of the West Hollywood shopping hot spot tomorrow: 50th & France.

The House Amore and Fede will host the star Tuesday, November 15 at 12N.  Stop by the boutique before Noon (Monday)  to register to win a $100 shopping spree. (Shopping to be assisted by Shue and shot by Twin Cities Live.)

Shue is in town for the Twin Cities’ launch of  The father of three co-founded the super successful site,, in 1999. The site, which boasts more than seven million visitors each month, is a resource for moms to talk, share advice and make new friends. is an extension of the brand and will offer fabulous deals for families every day. The site caters to moms and the things that their families like to buy, eat, and do- at greatly discounted prices.

Shue to appear:
Tuesday, November 15  Noon  @ The House of Amore and Fede   3940 West 50th  Edina, MN

Tuesday, November 15 3pm on TWIN CITIES LIVE  Kstp Channel 5. and on Lori and Julie MY TALK 107.1 FM immediately after.   

 Wednesday, November 16  7:30pm-9:30pm @  Pinstripes  3849 Gallagher Drive Edina MN


Lush Ocean Salt Review

November 10, 2011

If your computer screen had a scratch and sniff feature, you’d be very happy right now.  Breathe in and at least pretend.

Ahhhh….It smells like beach.

The Ocean Salt Facial Scrub from LUSH was a luxurious little gift from Macy’s.  The retailer recently hosted a bloggers event at their Southdale store.

Ocean Salt was my favorite thing in the swag bag, not only because of the scent, but because it feels sensational.  The little salty scrubbers make your skin say, “HELLO? What  was THAT?”  Then you dig in and scoop out MORE!

The Lush line is all about fresh.  Ocean Salt’s ingredients read like a juice bar menu; lemon, lime, coconut, grapefruit, to name a few.   Next time you notice the LUSH logo beaming brightly in Macy’s cosmetics department, bop by and buy up some beach for your bathroom.  Love It.

Photo credit: Lush 

Capes; a Fresh Fall Trend.

November 2, 2011

Last night I saw a lot of capes.   Darth Vader, Superman and Batman all stopped by for a Butterfinger.

Tomorrow  I’ll see, yet more capes.   I’m meeting a client at the 1/2 Yearly Sale,  where I’m guessing this fall trend will be flying off the racks.

While I don’t own one (YET), I’m a fan of capes.  They’re fresh, fashionable and even functional.

Perfect example- I have a Free People sweater which, ironically, makes me feel like a prisoner.  I can’t wear it out of the house in the winter because the mid-length, big bell sleeves refuse to go in the little armholes of a coat or jacket.

A casual cape solves the problem.

Conundrum number two: What to wear with that sensational, strapless, holiday number when a cardigan seems a little ho ho ho-hum?    A cashmere capelet, or leather trimmed cape are both options to add excitement to your ensemble.

Capes are capable of almost anything!

ALMOST…  While all of the Darths at the door looked dapper last night,  it was a capeLESS little cutie-pie that stole the “Halloween Fashion Show” in my head.   The teeny, tiny, twinkle of a tot rocked a “Unicorn, ” and unwittingly modeled an even bigger fall trend – Faux Fur.   Fabulous!  

I should have WISHED for one in adult sizes, while I had the chance.

CAPE SHOWN: Caslon® Merino Wool Toggle Cape /Camel Combo.  On Sale at Nordstrom.

Penguins Wearing Sweaters.

October 25, 2011

I’m pretty sure my grandfather worked for Munsingwear back in the day.   I vaguely remember him talking about Pete the Penguin, the dapper little icon on the Munsingwear golf shirts.  I bet he never dreamed that if he Googled “penguin clothes” he’d see real PENGUINS wearing clothes. (and I’m not talking tuxedos)

These little penguins are sporting sweaters hand-knit by animal lovers.  If you think dog clothes are dumb… and these are even worse, think again.

The sweaters are preventing them from preening their feathers, which are covered with poisonous petroleum from an unfortunate oil spill off the coast of New Zealand.  Apparently, rescuers slip the dirty birds into cozy little crewnecks until they can carefully clean each one.

It’s hard not to be touched by the outpouring of T.L.C. demonstated by all involved to save the innocent penguins.  It’s also hard NOT to smile when you see them waddling around wearing tiny tunics.  Hats off to the volunteers. And whoever knit that little Lilly Pulitzer-like pink stripe around the neck– you made my day!

The Trench Coat; a Classic Piece for Women’s Wardrobes.

October 19, 2011

We’ve all asked the age-old question, “Does this make my butt look big?” I suspect many of us have also asked “Does this trench coat make me look like McGruff the Crime Dog?

Ninety percent of the time the answer is “No,” but that “McGruff look” can happen.

To prevent, look for trench coats with a nice feminine silhouette, cinched waist and slightly A-line lower half.

If you’ve tried on some styles and felt more “detective” than “designer,” look for delicate details.  Beautiful buttons, fancy fabrics or a pretty ruffle can amp up the style factor.

Piperlime offers the Ruffle Trim Trench pictured left at only $79.  Love the versatile charcoal shade.

My client and I fell in LOVE with the Armani Collezioni Fan Collar Jacket we found at Nordstrom. (lower left)  The metallic thread and swirling pattern are stunning up close. She looks like a million bucks, no matter WHAT she’s wearing under it.   Trench coats are a beautiful thing.

A trench coat is a key piece in any wardrobe.   This is a classic garment  it’s okay to splurge a little.   There’s certainly no crime in, at least,  trying one on… 

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