White Denim; a Summer Staple. How to buy WHITE jeans.

White demin…so crisp, so cute, but such a conundrum. Why is something so cute on the hanger so difficult to find the right fit?



White is not forgiving… which is why we all wear BLACK work out pants.  “Black”- we love you.  You flatter, even when one is a wee bit fatter. Denim Blue—we love you too.  *Buy them tight, they stretch!

Ah Ha!  Could that be my issue?  I was shopping for white denim using rules for *dark denim.  Normally, we buy our blue jeans super snug, right?  We do.  It works.

But in WHITE denim… super-snug CAN very easily turn Michelin Man.

So what if I just slipped on a pair one size up from the blue denim I wore to the store?  Worth a try, right? I scooped up 3 or 4 different styles (necessary for ANY color jean) and wouldn’t you know it…  the body skimming (not body hugging) fit made the difference.

Cute, crisp and no longer a conundrum, white jeans are a summer essential.  (so is Oxiclean)


Note: Great fits available in all price ranges.

I recently purchased a super cute pair with a super cute client- Citizens of Humanity crop/ Nordstrom.

 Another nice fit-  Mossimo Supply crop/Target.

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