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Special Event Dresses. In Search of THE ONE.

April 24, 2012

Too excited to find a scissor, I ripped open the little brown box with a kitchen fork.  Poor fork.  I could barely wait to see the Versace Collection dress I ordered online. It was for a client, currently seeking sizzle for a spring soiree.

Said client has a svelte little silhouette, so she could make any dress sing.  But what I loved about this particular dress was that it combined sizzle and sophistication.  So HER!   Paired with a sensational heel…it had tons of potential.

Guess what?   It was the LAST size six and it WAS ON SALE!

YAY!  I couldn’t believe me luck!:)

I threw off the packing paper and  GASP!! I  really couldn’t believe me luck…:(

The box did not contain Versace sizzle!

It contained a pair of flip-flops. Fizzle.

Grey flip-flops, no less.  It was heartbreak-in-a-box.

Customer service consoled me for the mistake (and actually tried to help me locate the dress in other stores!)   Unfortunately,  it wasn’t meant to be.

But before I write it off, I’m going to write about it. The dress-that-got-away is an excellent blog example of a glam dress with all the right elements:

  • The clean lines elongate for long, lean look.
  • The two tones (black on the sides) are super slimming.
  • The draped neck is not only flattering, but easy to wear.
  • The unique Y-back adds interest.
  • The length is ideal.  One never has to worry about being “age apprpriate” with this hemline.

A dress like this might not initially catch your eye on the hanger.   Details like these, however, will make it an eye-catching dress ON the person.  The take-away:  While shopping for dresses it’s a good idea to search FIRST for a flattering cut.  Then for the color, style etc.

There. lemonade out of lemons.  Closure via keyboard.    It  was silly to fall in love (on-line) with a dress I’ve never met in person.   It probably had baggage, right?

I’m over you Versace dress.  SO excited to move on and find THE ONE!     

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