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Penguins Wearing Sweaters.

October 25, 2011

I’m pretty sure my grandfather worked for Munsingwear back in the day.   I vaguely remember him talking about Pete the Penguin, the dapper little icon on the Munsingwear golf shirts.  I bet he never dreamed that if he Googled “penguin clothes” he’d see real PENGUINS wearing clothes. (and I’m not talking tuxedos)

These little penguins are sporting sweaters hand-knit by animal lovers.  If you think dog clothes are dumb… and these are even worse, think again.

The sweaters are preventing them from preening their feathers, which are covered with poisonous petroleum from an unfortunate oil spill off the coast of New Zealand.  Apparently, rescuers slip the dirty birds into cozy little crewnecks until they can carefully clean each one.

It’s hard not to be touched by the outpouring of T.L.C. demonstated by all involved to save the innocent penguins.  It’s also hard NOT to smile when you see them waddling around wearing tiny tunics.  Hats off to the volunteers. And whoever knit that little Lilly Pulitzer-like pink stripe around the neck– you made my day!

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