Wardrobe Styling Packages

  A Put Together Look Makes You Feel Good, but finding flattering outfits can be frustrating!     Whether you’re lost in your closet or stuck in store,  putting together outfits takes time and  strategy.  Because these woes are widespread amongst women-kind, I rolled up my sleeves to find a simple solution.  Good news girls!  Style is an acronym away.  If you can remember the letters E F F,  you can dress without stress.   E.F.F. stands for Easy Fashion Formula which we’ll follow  through the Put Together Wardrobe Styling Package. Together, we’ll maximize your wardrobe and find outfits that flatter. We’ll peruse your closet, evaluate needs/ wants, do’s/don’ts, what you have too much /too little of  &  then hit the stores with an intentional plan.  Through the process, you’ll become more confident putting  great outfits together using a simple customized Style Profile.  After we shop, I’ll create a laminated Look Book for you. It features your own clothes & is put together from a fresh perspective. As your closet breathes new life,  you’ll discover a new passion for getting dressed.    let’s have some fun– jilene

Put Together Styling Package SEVEN STEP PROCESS– email for details and pricing.  beputtogether@comcast.net

A la carte hourly packages:

  •Wardrobe Review/Style Profile    Together, we’ll maximize your wardrobe by building on your best.  As we pick those pieces that flatter, we’ll discover others to weed out. Through the review, we’ll create a shopping list of items  to make your wardrobe go further.  For easier self-shopping, the Style Profile includes a photo inventory of your “best pieces” to build on,  as well as  recommends clothing cuts &  characteristics that will work best on YOU.

 Shopping Based on your budget, we’ll plan before perusing to make shopping both efficient & educational.   –Wardrobe  Update    –Special Occasion (reunion, wedding etc)    –Personal Shopping (have the items brought to you)      

Put Together Look Book Created from your own closet, you’ll receive laminated pages of looks. I’ll mix & match pieces with fresh perspective & snap photos of each look.

Family Plan  Changing tweens face awkward years, but clothing can inspire confidence. At their age, coaching may be better received from a third party. I promise a fantastic experience for your daughter or even your daughter and her friends!   

Shoes / Accessories Only  An economical way to stay current and pull looks together. 

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