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Lush Ocean Salt Review

November 10, 2011

If your computer screen had a scratch and sniff feature, you’d be very happy right now.  Breathe in and at least pretend.

Ahhhh….It smells like beach.

The Ocean Salt Facial Scrub from LUSH was a luxurious little gift from Macy’s.  The retailer recently hosted a bloggers event at their Southdale store.

Ocean Salt was my favorite thing in the swag bag, not only because of the scent, but because it feels sensational.  The little salty scrubbers make your skin say, “HELLO? What  was THAT?”  Then you dig in and scoop out MORE!

The Lush line is all about fresh.  Ocean Salt’s ingredients read like a juice bar menu; lemon, lime, coconut, grapefruit, to name a few.   Next time you notice the LUSH logo beaming brightly in Macy’s cosmetics department, bop by and buy up some beach for your bathroom.  Love It.

Photo credit: Lush 

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