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Cool Guy Clothes at Prana on 50th.

November 17, 2012

 Pamela Diedrich at

In the southwest metro we hike,  bike, run, dance and wear lots of performance pants. Just when you think 50th and France would burst its Lycra seams in active wear stores, another one opens its doors.

Prana set up shop a few doors down from Title Nine, but caters to the Y chromosome (as well as the X).

Curious, I browsed the grand opening last night and learned this place has a lots of “cool guy” clothes.

Who is the target market or ideal poster child?”  I wondered, as I poked around the reclaimed wood clad, loft-like space.

 “Brad Pitt?  Nah.  Definitely not  dorky Chanel Brad,  but maybe facial-hair Brad…”

A little more poking and I changed my mind.   I learned it was the CEO I unknowingly asked to help me find a size.  CEO in the house? -Nice- A refreshing hands-on approach for a national brand.

I see. This place is more for the “real guy;”  one would shovel his own driveway (bye-bye Brad) smoke his own ribs or maybe grow tomatoes, and would definitely run the lakes in January.

I texted hubby…thinking he should meet me in five– but he of texted me back stating I took every set of car keys.  Oops.   So shopped for me:)   Score: winter powder parka jacket, black jellyfish tee, tank top and a truffle. (to-go)

Back to the “Y.”  Prana had  lots of lined denim  and good “guy gear” -like those hiking pants that zip off at the knee and become shorts.  Also- outerwear that looks ruggedly handsome, but not too Dinty Moore.

It will be nice to have a “real guy” option in the hood.

And YES gals ) …lots of ladies performance pants.  They seem to be  of the “quality machine-wash gentle, hang to dry” sort,  but with  prices that don’t necessarily hang you out to dry.

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 Pamela Diedrich at

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