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How to Make Classic Clothing Work for You.

April 11, 2012

You’ve heard of ghost writers, right?  Have you heard of a ground-hog writer?  Probably not, as I just made it up.  It’s me. I wrote a story last fall and left it buried in my computer until spring.  Those darn “priorities” got in the way of blogging, Facebook, etc.     

So with a slight revision/tweak, this blog post is finally poking its head out…and just in time for the Morningside Woman’s Club Fashion Show Monday, April 16th, most appropriately featuring the classic stylings of Melly.

*Spring fashion is in full swing and you have to admit, getting reacquainted with your colorful cardigans and bright belts is kind of fun. Figuring out which pieces need to be weeded out of your wardrobe this season, not so much.

Rotating your closet can take a little time, but filling up that box labeled “Did I really wear this?” takes so much more.

Wouldn’t you love to have a closet full of clothing that transcends time?

It is possible. Clothing that transcends time is, of course, called “Classic.”

Jackie O in Chanel or Mad Men’s, Betty Francis, may come to mind when you think of classic, but classic clothing is less about looking iconic and more about having a timeless appeal year after year. Think trench coat, straight skirt or cardigan. It’s a quality piece, with clean lines, tailored feminine fit, and somewhat basic.

If that last descriptive word, “basic,” bugs you, I’m certain it’s because you prefer a more dramatic, more glam, more casual (insert your preference here) style. But don’t bah humbug “basic” yet, because no clothing genre is required to exist on its own. Mix it up. Get some peas in your mashed potatoes or better yet, some peanut butter in your chocolate!

Mixing it Up (with a little help from designers)

If you’re bored with basics and can’t quite figure out how to make them special, let the designer do it for you.

For example, Kate Spade New York modernizes a pearl bracelet with gold-plated metal and crystal accents. It’s classic with a kick.

Anne M. Cramer design

Melly at Galleria, is a beautiful boutique brimming classic styles including Kate Spade. Boutique owners, Caryn Kelly and Mary Mead have an eye for timeless style. In fact, Melly was the first retailer to offer the unique, classic pieces of local designer Anne M. Cramer.

Cramer’s designs are feminine and have a fabulous twinge of 50’s flair. The designer elaborated, “The timing with the MADMEN craze was perfect. I feature the feminine form, not tight, but still shows off curves.”

Here, a simple sash at the waist adds a playful pop of color to the classic cardigan.

Get Creative with Your Own Classics

Mixing and matching classics with other clothing categories takes no more time that weeding out your wardrobe for the season. Remember our goal is: a closet full of clothing that transcends time.

Try this:

1) Pull a classic piece from your closet.

2) Lay it on the bed and look for an unexpected pieces to pair with it.

3) Looks weird? Grab another, and another until you have a, timeless classic look with your own unique spin.

Take time to incorporate classics, but do it with your own creative kick. Your closet will transcend time, no matter what the season.

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