Thank you s mcu for your Powerpoint presentation at our office.  We have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients. Your presentation had great information andyou added a sense of humor.   We would also like to thank you for coming to our homes.  We’re already dressing better at work!  Take Care, AJW Team.  


I would like to point out a wonderful service Jilene offers – putting together outfits, refining your style and getting the right clothes fit. I cannot eloquently put into words what she does but I have experienced it – and it is great! Jilene worked with me this spring to go through my closet, identify what I found to be my difficulties in choosing clothes/outfits, clear out the “junk” and shop for what I needed to create outfits that make me look and feel wonderful.  I found out I wore my clothes too big and often spend dollars on things I never wore. I now have a closet of clothes that fit more flattering, go together great and look different together because of accessorizing – Thank you Jilene!

Amy J.   Edina, MN

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