Edina Events… and Luscious Lotion!

September 8, 2011

As long as too many worms don’t suprise me, I  really like digging in my flower gardens.  My hands, however, don’t .  We’re getting along better now (my hand and I) since I’ve stumbled upon Aveda Hand Relief.  It feels amazing.

This luscious lotion was part of a gift bag I recevied from JUUT at their Fall Make Up Event.  There’s another one coming up September 22nd.  Check out my experience and Patch article at this link: Fall Fashion Events.

Short post!   Heading off to Fashion’s Night Out at Galleria!  Maybe I’ll see you  there! (BTW… also in the Patch link)

Neck Ties to Tie Dyes, Moms offer Back-to-School Shopping Tips.

August 17, 2011

My friend Meg let her little boy pack his own bag for their weekend road trip to Nebraska.  He packed a tie.  Adorable.

Also excited about neck ties is this future first grader, Shepard.  The dashing 6-year-old is trying on his new back-to-school uniform for mom, Kimberly, who couldn’t be happier about the required navy blue blazer and khaki pants. “No drama in the morning,” she explained.  The uniform “makes the routine quick and easy.”

Available at Land’s End, elements of this ensemble are brilliant for back-to-school, whether your child wears a school uniform or not.  According to Kimberly, the knees on the Land’s End pants are reinforced “for all the wear and tear little boys subject their pants to.”   Gotta love Land’s End. They offer easy-care clothing options that are ready-to-wear from the dryer and a Lost Mitten Club to boot.

Making back-to-school shopping EASIER is the essence of an article I recently wrote for Patch.  Meg, back from Nebraska, is among  the many moms that offer advice.  For tips, tricks, ideas and more here’s the link: Back- to-School Shopping Beckons  But before you click,  please note I’ve added a Facebook icon to page for you to share the story with others.  You may also subscribe to this blog at RIGHT.   Style posts come via email twice a month:)

Shepard shows mom, Kimberly, his back-to-school uniform as brother Jackson looks on. Kimberly comments, "The neutral combination of navy blue and khaki allows for a neck tie with pops of color and pattern...something Shepard is excited about. The boys can customize their look by choosing their own shirts and ties."

Flexibilty and Family First for Busy Moms that Want to Work. Social Selling Offers Opportunities.

July 28, 2011

Yesterday I worked really hard delegating, decorating, downloading and making quick decisions.  Today, the only decision I want to make is “Pedicure?” Or “Deluxe Pedicure?”   To me, flexibity is the best part of owning a small business like Angel Toes Inc. or being self-employed as wardrobe stylist and Patch writer.      This week, meet two busy moms that feel fortunate to have that sort of flexibility. Both in the bobble biz, Kris Paul and Nikki Weber share their insights with me.  PATCH ARTICLE LINK

BTW, I did the “Deluxe,”  (had a coupon)  The second decision of the day was an easy one;   OPI’s pinky-orange color named,  “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  Tuffy inspected and approved.

I’d like to write a Patch Article on BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING and would love some input and feedback from those of you who do it.   Please email me if you’d be willing to be included. beputtogether@comcast.net

Great, very timely article! I am an Edina mom, home with 2 small boys, and have been a rep for Stella & Dot for the last 2 years. They are reinventing the idea of ‘home parties’ and are confident that the combination of e-commerce  and social selling will change how we shop in the future. Liz Couchman- Edina.    www.stelladot.com/lizcouchman

Freshen Up Your Swimsuit Cover Ups. Easy Ideas for the Beach and Pool.

July 14, 2011
Santoori Dress Available at Hot Mama. Throw on over a bathing suit and you’re ready to run from Byerly’s to the beach! On sale through July 17.

Horrified by the “back to school sections” popping up in stores everywhere, I wrote this article to PROTEST loose leaf PAPER and PROMOTE  the POOL!  Raise a glass of ice tea to the second half of summer!  The glass is still HALF FULL.

Knowing you may have already logged plenty of pool time this season,  you might be a little bored with your beachwear.  If that describes you, here are some ideas to freshen up your cover up.

I wrote this article for Patch:


What to Wear and What NOT to Wear to a Back Yard Bash.

June 30, 2011

Monica Mero is wearing a cute, but casual maxi dress from Anthropologie. Wedges are good in grass and the belt shows her personal style.

There’s a new, navy blue sun dress in my closet that has been patiently waiting for weeks for its namesake to make an appearance. (the sun ) Thank goodness the heat is here!

My friend Monica also debuted a brand new nautical number at her recent summer solstice party.  She wore it well with a wide belt and wonderful little wedge, perfect for a party hostess.     What to Wear to a Back Yard BBQ is the name of my Patch piece this week.  Click on the purple link to check it out for ideas on what to wear, as well as what NOT to wear.

By the way…. “What Not to Wear” (the tv show) is taking a look at the Twin Cities this week.  Nomination info in also in the article.  Eek.

Amore & Fede Gets Cowgirl Tuff, while Boutique Owner Maintains a Soft Heart.

June 16, 2011

Writing this week’s Patch story was especially enjoyable.  Digging for info on the new denim line at Amore & Fede, revealed some cool connections to Cameron Diaz, the Coen brothers (of major motion picture fame), and an ambitious cowgirl in small town Minnesota.  It was like peeling an onion…lots of layers. And I love that in a story.

I had the same enjoyable experience digging a little deeper into The House of Amore & Fede and it’s owner, Kim Parmater.  The name of the boutique means “love and faith” in Italian.  Kim chose the name because that is what she’s  all about.   While the store shares a meaningful portion of its proceeds to care for the hungry, the poor, the addicted and oppressed,  Kim shares the motivation behind it all in a moving  story of love and faith story on her website.

Trendy Boutique Gets Cowgirl Tuff  story.

Tips to Help You Clean Out Your Closet… Or at Least Get You Motivated.

June 3, 2011

Sticky, muggy… heading toward 90 degrees! (THANK YOU LORD!)      It finally feels like summer today, which actually doesn’t begin until June 21.

Lucky you!  That means there’s still time for spring cleaning…or at least cleaning out your closet. Weeding out your wardrobe is often waaaaay down there on the priority list, especially when you know you can just close the closet doors in denial.  That’s why I called my friend Gretchen, to see if she wanted to clean her closets too.  Together, we’d set a date to be done with it:  take our clothing to a resale destination and drop off the rest at a donation location.

Glamorous, we know...

The accountability was good. It was a lot of work; washing and ironing all those items for resale. I’m pretty sure my ironing arm has a muscle now.

Top two tips from both of us:

1)    Have a can of spray starch handy.  Makes all the difference.

2)    Inspect your resale items under bright light.  (I ironed in a dimly lit room and didn’t notice tiny some tiny specks until after it was out in the light.  FOR PETE’S SAKE!)  

While the cash that we received for the clothing was nice, it was the clean, cleared-out closet we appreciated most.   That and perhaps the chance to celebrate our accomplishment at Pizza Lola, where Gretchen ordered a  Surly.  Better sip a Surly than be surly… too much ironing can do that to you.    Lots more to learn about weeding out your wardrobe in my Patch article:   Make Money while Weeding Out Guilty Garments       

Model Citizens of Morningside

May 18, 2011

When the Morningside Woman’s Club puts on a Fashion Show,  the members put on the clothes.  As  the well-heeled women worked the runway, onlookers loved the colorful collection, which included a vibrant  “Corral.”    See photos of the model citizens in my story posted on Patch:   THE FASHION FILES/EDINA.PATCH    Featuring Judith McGrann & Friends

Summer Dresses! featuring Hot Mama

May 5, 2011
Every Tuesday morning I attend an absolutely awesome cardio blast, dancy-dance style class at Lifetime Fitness. (fun music, fun choreography and fun  teacher –Marybeth- if you want to check it out!)  Anyway, on a recent Tuesday morning two regulars stood chatting outside the studio- One of them visibly giddy. She was describing a little tank dress she picked up at Hot Mama. She was excited that this comfy, cotton, dress with ruffles was absolutely flattering.  It hid the areas we we’re trying to work off while accentuating any attributes. “Go check it out,”  she said– so I did.
I couldn’t imagine a tank dress with full-on ruffles. Sounded sporty, yet feminine.   I described it to Abby, my Hot Mama sales associate.  She knew it instantly and said it flew off the racks in a matter of days. Apparently it looked good on a lot of people!  (Sundresses tend to do that— that’s why we love them!)  I resorted to looking at a photo and indeed this heather gray tank dress was sporty, yet girly too.   It was called the Cha Cha Dress- how appropriate to learn about it in my dancy-dance style class.
Summer dresses are so fun and easy to wear!    They are, by far, the most flattering garment to grab, get ready and go.  Buy them in bright colors or florals.  Feminine details like flowers, ruffles,  etc are fresh for spring and can be worn by all ages. (in moderation)   Check out my article for Edina.patch featuring Hot Mama styles and advice regarding wearing girly styles without looking girlish. Click here for link     (article posted on Patch earlier this Spring)

What to Wear for a Family Photo

April 20, 2011

In many of my childhood photos, my head is missing…or at least the top of it.   My mom was not great with Kodak Instamatic (she’ll readily admit  it—won’t you mom?)    But I kind of like those “Uh oh” pictures… as they inadvertently capture good memories of the unexpected silliness in daily family life.

Earlier this spring, I teamed up with Little Bean Photography and put together outfits for a family photo.  The studio’s tag is Smile Big. Live Silly.   I like  that, and with that in mind,  my goal was to create individual ensembles that work together, but feature the family more than the fashion.

Little Bean Owner /Photographer, Elissa Kadue captures “real life” in her family photos and suggests the family members wear clothes that they’d actually WEAR…as opposed “dastardly sweater vests and ties on little boys and overly frou frou dresses on the girls.”

Great tip.  For more tips from Little Bean & Jilly Bean (my nickname back when I was wearing those nylon knee highs) click here: What to wear for a family photo.

(Article for Edina.Patch.com   -Finding the Right Attire for a Family Photo/ Dressing for family photos can be an epic battle, so Jilene delivers some strategies for creating a cohesive look)

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