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Capes; a Fresh Fall Trend.

November 2, 2011

Last night I saw a lot of capes.   Darth Vader, Superman and Batman all stopped by for a Butterfinger.

Tomorrow  I’ll see, yet more capes.   I’m meeting a client at the 1/2 Yearly Sale,  where I’m guessing this fall trend will be flying off the racks.

While I don’t own one (YET), I’m a fan of capes.  They’re fresh, fashionable and even functional.

Perfect example- I have a Free People sweater which, ironically, makes me feel like a prisoner.  I can’t wear it out of the house in the winter because the mid-length, big bell sleeves refuse to go in the little armholes of a coat or jacket.

A casual cape solves the problem.

Conundrum number two: What to wear with that sensational, strapless, holiday number when a cardigan seems a little ho ho ho-hum?    A cashmere capelet, or leather trimmed cape are both options to add excitement to your ensemble.

Capes are capable of almost anything!

ALMOST…  While all of the Darths at the door looked dapper last night,  it was a capeLESS little cutie-pie that stole the “Halloween Fashion Show” in my head.   The teeny, tiny, twinkle of a tot rocked a “Unicorn, ” and unwittingly modeled an even bigger fall trend – Faux Fur.   Fabulous!  

I should have WISHED for one in adult sizes, while I had the chance.

CAPE SHOWN: Caslon® Merino Wool Toggle Cape /Camel Combo.  On Sale at Nordstrom.

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