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Cool Guy Clothes at Prana on 50th.

November 17, 2012

 Pamela Diedrich at

In the southwest metro we hike,  bike, run, dance and wear lots of performance pants. Just when you think 50th and France would burst its Lycra seams in active wear stores, another one opens its doors.

Prana set up shop a few doors down from Title Nine, but caters to the Y chromosome (as well as the X).

Curious, I browsed the grand opening last night and learned this place has a lots of “cool guy” clothes.

Who is the target market or ideal poster child?”  I wondered, as I poked around the reclaimed wood clad, loft-like space.

 “Brad Pitt?  Nah.  Definitely not  dorky Chanel Brad,  but maybe facial-hair Brad…”

A little more poking and I changed my mind.   I learned it was the CEO I unknowingly asked to help me find a size.  CEO in the house? -Nice- A refreshing hands-on approach for a national brand.

I see. This place is more for the “real guy;”  one would shovel his own driveway (bye-bye Brad) smoke his own ribs or maybe grow tomatoes, and would definitely run the lakes in January.

I texted hubby…thinking he should meet me in five– but he of texted me back stating I took every set of car keys.  Oops.   So shopped for me:)   Score: winter powder parka jacket, black jellyfish tee, tank top and a truffle. (to-go)

Back to the “Y.”  Prana had  lots of lined denim  and good “guy gear” -like those hiking pants that zip off at the knee and become shorts.  Also- outerwear that looks ruggedly handsome, but not too Dinty Moore.

It will be nice to have a “real guy” option in the hood.

And YES gals ) …lots of ladies performance pants.  They seem to be  of the “quality machine-wash gentle, hang to dry” sort,  but with  prices that don’t necessarily hang you out to dry.

Shop Here 

 Pamela Diedrich at

Capes; a Fresh Fall Trend.

November 2, 2011

Last night I saw a lot of capes.   Darth Vader, Superman and Batman all stopped by for a Butterfinger.

Tomorrow  I’ll see, yet more capes.   I’m meeting a client at the 1/2 Yearly Sale,  where I’m guessing this fall trend will be flying off the racks.

While I don’t own one (YET), I’m a fan of capes.  They’re fresh, fashionable and even functional.

Perfect example- I have a Free People sweater which, ironically, makes me feel like a prisoner.  I can’t wear it out of the house in the winter because the mid-length, big bell sleeves refuse to go in the little armholes of a coat or jacket.

A casual cape solves the problem.

Conundrum number two: What to wear with that sensational, strapless, holiday number when a cardigan seems a little ho ho ho-hum?    A cashmere capelet, or leather trimmed cape are both options to add excitement to your ensemble.

Capes are capable of almost anything!

ALMOST…  While all of the Darths at the door looked dapper last night,  it was a capeLESS little cutie-pie that stole the “Halloween Fashion Show” in my head.   The teeny, tiny, twinkle of a tot rocked a “Unicorn, ” and unwittingly modeled an even bigger fall trend – Faux Fur.   Fabulous!  

I should have WISHED for one in adult sizes, while I had the chance.

CAPE SHOWN: Caslon® Merino Wool Toggle Cape /Camel Combo.  On Sale at Nordstrom.

Penguins Wearing Sweaters.

October 25, 2011

I’m pretty sure my grandfather worked for Munsingwear back in the day.   I vaguely remember him talking about Pete the Penguin, the dapper little icon on the Munsingwear golf shirts.  I bet he never dreamed that if he Googled “penguin clothes” he’d see real PENGUINS wearing clothes. (and I’m not talking tuxedos)

These little penguins are sporting sweaters hand-knit by animal lovers.  If you think dog clothes are dumb… and these are even worse, think again.

The sweaters are preventing them from preening their feathers, which are covered with poisonous petroleum from an unfortunate oil spill off the coast of New Zealand.  Apparently, rescuers slip the dirty birds into cozy little crewnecks until they can carefully clean each one.

It’s hard not to be touched by the outpouring of T.L.C. demonstated by all involved to save the innocent penguins.  It’s also hard NOT to smile when you see them waddling around wearing tiny tunics.  Hats off to the volunteers. And whoever knit that little Lilly Pulitzer-like pink stripe around the neck– you made my day!

Flexibilty and Family First for Busy Moms that Want to Work. Social Selling Offers Opportunities.

July 28, 2011

Yesterday I worked really hard delegating, decorating, downloading and making quick decisions.  Today, the only decision I want to make is “Pedicure?” Or “Deluxe Pedicure?”   To me, flexibity is the best part of owning a small business like Angel Toes Inc. or being self-employed as wardrobe stylist and Patch writer.      This week, meet two busy moms that feel fortunate to have that sort of flexibility. Both in the bobble biz, Kris Paul and Nikki Weber share their insights with me.  PATCH ARTICLE LINK

BTW, I did the “Deluxe,”  (had a coupon)  The second decision of the day was an easy one;   OPI’s pinky-orange color named,  “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  Tuffy inspected and approved.

I’d like to write a Patch Article on BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING and would love some input and feedback from those of you who do it.   Please email me if you’d be willing to be included.

Great, very timely article! I am an Edina mom, home with 2 small boys, and have been a rep for Stella & Dot for the last 2 years. They are reinventing the idea of ‘home parties’ and are confident that the combination of e-commerce  and social selling will change how we shop in the future. Liz Couchman- Edina.

Freshen Up Your Swimsuit Cover Ups. Easy Ideas for the Beach and Pool.

July 14, 2011
Santoori Dress Available at Hot Mama. Throw on over a bathing suit and you’re ready to run from Byerly’s to the beach! On sale through July 17.

Horrified by the “back to school sections” popping up in stores everywhere, I wrote this article to PROTEST loose leaf PAPER and PROMOTE  the POOL!  Raise a glass of ice tea to the second half of summer!  The glass is still HALF FULL.

Knowing you may have already logged plenty of pool time this season,  you might be a little bored with your beachwear.  If that describes you, here are some ideas to freshen up your cover up.

I wrote this article for Patch:


Winter to Spring Fashion

March 7, 2011

Lighter Weight "Ripped Sweater" from Bluebird Boutique

 My red, peep-toe pumps were begging to be worn to the Blogger’s Event at Spalon Montage earlier this week.  Well-intentioned, the shoes wanted to strut some color into  my worn-out, winter wardrobe.

 But it’s too early for peeps.  I’d  been thrown off  by my recent beach vacation. (Five days of flip flops.)  I put away the shoes, even though my tall boots were bugging me. 

If your boots are bugging you, or your sweaters are smothering you, you’re not alone.  It’s time to resuscitate our wardrobes and breathe  new LIFE into our closets.

However, doing so can be difficult.  March is too cold for  many spring styles.  Because it is a tricky time to dress,  I wrote some transition tips for The Fashion Files at 

Here’s the link, I hope you “like.”      

How to Find a Functional, Fashionable, Flattering Bathing Suit.

February 5, 2011
Once upon a poolside, I noticed a young gaggle of goggle-wearing guys that were very happy to be in Hawaii.  The waterlogged lads seem to spring to the pool’s surface with a shout, high-five each other and submerge for more.   In a chlorinated pool, void of sea life, I wondered what could be exciting enough to warrant an underwater camera?

 You may have already guessed:  Bikini malfunctions at the waterslide landing.  I returned my attention to the sunscreen stained pages of my paperback… A refreshing ride down the slide was no longer on my docket that day.

 I remembered that silly scenario when the owner of Nani Nalu Swimwear Boutique asked my friend  if she wanted her new suit to work at a  water park  (among other things– a resort, hotel pool etc. )              And with that, a functional, fashionable, flattering fit was found.  Find yours too…   Read on:  Tricks not Trends when Trying on Swimwear  

Wall Decor at Nani Nalu Swimwear Boutique

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve?

December 16, 2010

Sequin Tank Pleione at Nordstrom

Shine brightly on New Year’s Eve!  Twinkle is the trend.    
This sensational sequin tank at Nordstrom has the perfect amount of sparkle when paired with a cute little cardigan and cinched with a skinny metallic belt.   It is affordable and available in their Point of View department.  Multiple colors! More ideas, pictures and tips for the holidays in my  
The Fashion Files  article for  It’s linked just for you…Thank you for checking it out. 
Sparkle safely!

Clothes Shopping Tips.

December 12, 2010

Shopping for clothes CAN be overwhelming.  Where do you start?  What do you need?  Following a few tips can make a big difference in your shopping experience.  I joined Jennifer Jeanne Patterson from Unplanned Cooking at Hot Mama on 50th & France in Edina to put an end to unplanned shopping.  

NOTE: I went straight to the hair salon after seeing this video.           What on earth?     


Building a Wardrobe

October 27, 2010

A closet full of clothes… and nothing to wear!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (It is the story of our lives…)     Time to rewrite the story…but this time with a happy ending.  

Grab your pen…you’re really going to write!  Get into that closet and take inventory of what you have.  Take notes.  Even better… snap some pictures & print them on couple pieces of paper. When you know what you have, you can better identify what you’re missing to build a better wardrobe.    (Hurry up… you’ll be just in time for the Nordstrom 1/2 yearly sale!- November 3-6)

Our next video blog will include Jennifer’s shopping list, as well as some suggestions to help you identify what YOU might be missing.         


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