While I should be counting sheep at night, I often find  myself matching their byproducts.  “A white cotton V-neck  would look great with this plaid wool scarf,” I think to myself  as the digital clock digs deeper into the night.  “SHEEP! SHEEP! SHEEP,”  I reprimand my racing mind,  knowing that dark circles under my eyes don’t go with anything.   (Oh- except a cute pair of oversized shades!)       

Putting together “looks” is way too much fun for me.   I‘ve been infatuted  with the “art and science” of fashion for just a few years.  Pouring through glossy magazines and scrutinizing hours of  style television has inspired me to write a blog.–a  light one,  where we can laugh at our fashion faux pas, but learn a little too.  . (And now a column called The Fashion Files- search words: Jilene Framke on www.Edina.Patch.com)     Anyway, I’ve learned to put togther outfits with my own odd little method– its a  fashion formula  (so to speak for) to create outfits that look, well… put together! 

My focus  is NOT the things that Oprah likes nor is it trends  for the sake of trends.  It’s individualized.  Its got to work for the style seeker.  My goal is to make my client’s wardrobe REALLY work for them– maximize it, make it easy, make it fun, and make them feel good.    

For some, I’ll put together a personalized “fashion formula,”  complete with style profile and look book.  Others might be so busy they need a shopper.  Regardless, I’m up all night thinking about “looks” anyway… may as well be me with the dark circles instead of them.    Thank goodness I have lots of sunglasses.

Reach me at beputtogether@comcast.net

5 Responses to “jilene”

  1. sara hammond Says:

    yo jilene. love the blog. you are an entertaining writer. have a blessed day!


  2. elizabethsciencemom Says:

    Cute pic Jilene! Love your blog!

  3. Kelli Says:

    Hi Jilene,
    So great to meet you today. Love your site!! I will come back often and direct others here too!

    Thank you for sharing your gift.


  4. Kelli Says:

    Hi Jilene,
    So nice to meet you today at “Little Bean”. Love your site. I will visit often and direct others here as well.

    Thank you for sharing your gift!


  5. beth Says:

    love your blog, just found it will check it out more often

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