Neck Ties to Tie Dyes, Moms offer Back-to-School Shopping Tips.

My friend Meg let her little boy pack his own bag for their weekend road trip to Nebraska.  He packed a tie.  Adorable.

Also excited about neck ties is this future first grader, Shepard.  The dashing 6-year-old is trying on his new back-to-school uniform for mom, Kimberly, who couldn’t be happier about the required navy blue blazer and khaki pants. “No drama in the morning,” she explained.  The uniform “makes the routine quick and easy.”

Available at Land’s End, elements of this ensemble are brilliant for back-to-school, whether your child wears a school uniform or not.  According to Kimberly, the knees on the Land’s End pants are reinforced “for all the wear and tear little boys subject their pants to.”   Gotta love Land’s End. They offer easy-care clothing options that are ready-to-wear from the dryer and a Lost Mitten Club to boot.

Making back-to-school shopping EASIER is the essence of an article I recently wrote for Patch.  Meg, back from Nebraska, is among  the many moms that offer advice.  For tips, tricks, ideas and more here’s the link: Back- to-School Shopping Beckons  But before you click,  please note I’ve added a Facebook icon to page for you to share the story with others.  You may also subscribe to this blog at RIGHT.   Style posts come via email twice a month:)

Shepard shows mom, Kimberly, his back-to-school uniform as brother Jackson looks on. Kimberly comments, "The neutral combination of navy blue and khaki allows for a neck tie with pops of color and pattern...something Shepard is excited about. The boys can customize their look by choosing their own shirts and ties."


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