Amore & Fede Gets Cowgirl Tuff, while Boutique Owner Maintains a Soft Heart.

Writing this week’s Patch story was especially enjoyable.  Digging for info on the new denim line at Amore & Fede, revealed some cool connections to Cameron Diaz, the Coen brothers (of major motion picture fame), and an ambitious cowgirl in small town Minnesota.  It was like peeling an onion…lots of layers. And I love that in a story.

I had the same enjoyable experience digging a little deeper into The House of Amore & Fede and it’s owner, Kim Parmater.  The name of the boutique means “love and faith” in Italian.  Kim chose the name because that is what she’s  all about.   While the store shares a meaningful portion of its proceeds to care for the hungry, the poor, the addicted and oppressed,  Kim shares the motivation behind it all in a moving  story of love and faith story on her website.

Trendy Boutique Gets Cowgirl Tuff  story.


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