Tips to Help You Clean Out Your Closet… Or at Least Get You Motivated.

Sticky, muggy… heading toward 90 degrees! (THANK YOU LORD!)      It finally feels like summer today, which actually doesn’t begin until June 21.

Lucky you!  That means there’s still time for spring cleaning…or at least cleaning out your closet. Weeding out your wardrobe is often waaaaay down there on the priority list, especially when you know you can just close the closet doors in denial.  That’s why I called my friend Gretchen, to see if she wanted to clean her closets too.  Together, we’d set a date to be done with it:  take our clothing to a resale destination and drop off the rest at a donation location.

Glamorous, we know...

The accountability was good. It was a lot of work; washing and ironing all those items for resale. I’m pretty sure my ironing arm has a muscle now.

Top two tips from both of us:

1)    Have a can of spray starch handy.  Makes all the difference.

2)    Inspect your resale items under bright light.  (I ironed in a dimly lit room and didn’t notice tiny some tiny specks until after it was out in the light.  FOR PETE’S SAKE!)  

While the cash that we received for the clothing was nice, it was the clean, cleared-out closet we appreciated most.   That and perhaps the chance to celebrate our accomplishment at Pizza Lola, where Gretchen ordered a  Surly.  Better sip a Surly than be surly… too much ironing can do that to you.    Lots more to learn about weeding out your wardrobe in my Patch article:   Make Money while Weeding Out Guilty Garments       


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