Summer Dresses! featuring Hot Mama

Every Tuesday morning I attend an absolutely awesome cardio blast, dancy-dance style class at Lifetime Fitness. (fun music, fun choreography and fun  teacher –Marybeth- if you want to check it out!)  Anyway, on a recent Tuesday morning two regulars stood chatting outside the studio- One of them visibly giddy. She was describing a little tank dress she picked up at Hot Mama. She was excited that this comfy, cotton, dress with ruffles was absolutely flattering.  It hid the areas we we’re trying to work off while accentuating any attributes. “Go check it out,”  she said– so I did.
I couldn’t imagine a tank dress with full-on ruffles. Sounded sporty, yet feminine.   I described it to Abby, my Hot Mama sales associate.  She knew it instantly and said it flew off the racks in a matter of days. Apparently it looked good on a lot of people!  (Sundresses tend to do that— that’s why we love them!)  I resorted to looking at a photo and indeed this heather gray tank dress was sporty, yet girly too.   It was called the Cha Cha Dress- how appropriate to learn about it in my dancy-dance style class.
Summer dresses are so fun and easy to wear!    They are, by far, the most flattering garment to grab, get ready and go.  Buy them in bright colors or florals.  Feminine details like flowers, ruffles,  etc are fresh for spring and can be worn by all ages. (in moderation)   Check out my article for Edina.patch featuring Hot Mama styles and advice regarding wearing girly styles without looking girlish. Click here for link     (article posted on Patch earlier this Spring)

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