What to Wear for a Family Photo

In many of my childhood photos, my head is missing…or at least the top of it.   My mom was not great with Kodak Instamatic (she’ll readily admit  it—won’t you mom?)    But I kind of like those “Uh oh” pictures… as they inadvertently capture good memories of the unexpected silliness in daily family life.

Earlier this spring, I teamed up with Little Bean Photography and put together outfits for a family photo.  The studio’s tag is Smile Big. Live Silly.   I like  that, and with that in mind,  my goal was to create individual ensembles that work together, but feature the family more than the fashion.

Little Bean Owner /Photographer, Elissa Kadue captures “real life” in her family photos and suggests the family members wear clothes that they’d actually WEAR…as opposed “dastardly sweater vests and ties on little boys and overly frou frou dresses on the girls.”

Great tip.  For more tips from Little Bean & Jilly Bean (my nickname back when I was wearing those nylon knee highs) click here: What to wear for a family photo.

(Article for Edina.Patch.com   -Finding the Right Attire for a Family Photo/ Dressing for family photos can be an epic battle, so Jilene delivers some strategies for creating a cohesive look)


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