Love this Local Designer Any Day of the Week.

Last Thursday was my first Thursday to “First Thursdays”…and it won’t be my last. “First Thursdays in the Arts District” happens at the Northrup King Building, where sculptors, painters, photographers, jewelers and artists of all kinds open their studios to the public.

Since this is a fashion blog of sorts—a “jeweler”  gets the mention, and a well deserved one.  Designer, Karin Jacobson is known for her use of big shapes, clean lines and bright color in her metals and gems, but it’s her laser cut leather I’d like to feature.

The designer creates these incredibly cool, super stylish leather bracelets. They’re laser cut so cleanly that they look like metal! I’ve got my favorite one on in the photo. The laser cut bubbles make a lacy pattern that snapped around my wrist.  They’re so comfy and light you barely know they’re there!  (I have just the client for this—she’s not fond of bracelets clanking around, and her wrists and hands are so slight that bracelets slip off anyway!)

A great addition to your casual accessories, this bracelet is art. 

You need not wait for the First Thursday to lock in on this leather.  Available 24/7 at:


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One Response to “Love this Local Designer Any Day of the Week.”

  1. Beth Blair Says:

    What gorgeous leather bracelets. I can’t believe how they look like metal. Very cool!

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