The “BE” Bugs Me.

Earlier this week while walking my dogs, I discovered a pair of sunglasses on my head.  These were in addition to the pair I was wearing.  Oops. 

A few days before that, I discovered a two-week-old temporary tattoo on my back.  I’d put it on at an over-the-top costumed “rock star” event and totally forgot it was there (and it didn’t occur to my hubby to tell me.)  

And a month ago in Mexico, I threw my swimsuit cover-up on … inside-out AND backwards.  Imagine my surprise when I looked in the  mirror and saw the tag  staring back at me.

Do you find it ironic I have a blog called Be Put Together?  I do.  

This presents the perfect opportunity to clarify the BE in front of Put Together.  Put  Together Wardrobe Styling is indeed the name of the business.   I love to “put together” outfits and wardrobes, but I don’t like the “Be” in the domain name. It makes it seem like an expectation.  (The plain old domain was taken)  

The BE in PUTTOGETHER  bugs me because I often identify most with the FALLING APART in all us of us! I embrace the wonderful women that are as falling apart CRAZY as me.  So  don’t apologize for your mismatched socks — it’s probably what I love MOST about you!  Beauty’s only skin deep– right?  And clothes are just another layer BEYOND the skin!    It’s all about the inside!!  

To BE, or Not TO BE?     Just  be yourself:)


One Response to “The “BE” Bugs Me.”

  1. Lori Anne Says:

    Love this! Amen sister. 😉

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