How to Find a Functional, Fashionable, Flattering Bathing Suit.

Once upon a poolside, I noticed a young gaggle of goggle-wearing guys that were very happy to be in Hawaii.  The waterlogged lads seem to spring to the pool’s surface with a shout, high-five each other and submerge for more.   In a chlorinated pool, void of sea life, I wondered what could be exciting enough to warrant an underwater camera?

 You may have already guessed:  Bikini malfunctions at the waterslide landing.  I returned my attention to the sunscreen stained pages of my paperback… A refreshing ride down the slide was no longer on my docket that day.

 I remembered that silly scenario when the owner of Nani Nalu Swimwear Boutique asked my friend  if she wanted her new suit to work at a  water park  (among other things– a resort, hotel pool etc. )              And with that, a functional, fashionable, flattering fit was found.  Find yours too…   Read on:  Tricks not Trends when Trying on Swimwear  

Wall Decor at Nani Nalu Swimwear Boutique


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