Luscious Lashes and Bolder Brows. How to shape a great eyebrow.

 Our Nordstrom THREE FREE MASCARAS postcards were about to expire!  GASP. My girlfriend and I decided it would be worth making  our way to the Mall of America store…even in rush hour.  Makeup is expensive and who doesn’t love to save a little money?

 Beyond postcards and free gift offers, I have an odd little money-saving tip for those of you that use an eyebrow kit that contains wax.  (For those of you that don’t, you might wonder “what’s up with the wax?”  Kits include wax because  it’s a great way to shape an eyebrow,  as well as a great agent for the colored powder to stick to.)   Anyway, if you use a brow kit that contains wax, you know that the wax runs out waaaay before the powder.  It’s more frustrating than a root beer float.      

 Once upon a time, I’d throw the ½ used, compromised compact away.  So sad.  Then one day it hit me between the eyes.  Chapstick!  Chapstick has that same wax-like/petroleum-like feel  that the wax in my eyebrow kits have.   “Would it work,” I wondered.    I timidly tried it.   Sure enough, it worked like just like the wax in the kit.  Added Bonus: Your eyebrows will never get chap!  I kid.   Now, I no longer toss my compacts before their time.  I simply recycle/ reuse the lipbalm that may have been purchased for a ski trip or beach vacation, but has sat in a junk drawer ever since.  A word to the wise:  Stick with UNFLAVORED  Chapstick.   No need for minty fresh eyebrows.    

Read my, more serious EYEBROW and EYELASH advice at


My favorite eyebrow kit. (minus the wax)


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