Silenced by The Lamb’s Wool. Warm Workout Wear Really Makes the Difference in the Winter.

Below Zero Temperatures Never Stop this Guy.

Running the 10 steps from my backdoor to my car is about the extent of my January outdoor exercise. I don’t like to be cold. My husband, on the other hand, runs regardless of temperature. “You just gotta dress for it baby,”  he says optimistically though as his neoprene face mask.

“Alright Hannibal… Have a nice run,” I’d say a little mockingly.

Then one day, late for my INDOOR group fitness class, I grabbed for whatever clothes were still on the floor and scrambled to get dressed. As I pulled a random  warm-up over my bed-head I had to stop and pause…. “What is this warm, wonderful thing I’m wearing?”  

I looked down at the baggy, black, shiny shirt.   I had grabbed Jeff’s shirt! 

“Is this what micro-fleece feels like,”  I wondered.  

Indeed, this pullover top was made with  high-tech fabulous fabric.  I held this shirt hostage for three days and wouldnt give it back.   I even slept in it.   That tiny little layer of micro-fleece made me a believer in Jeff’s advice,  “You just gotta dress for it.”   It seems my “mocking”  was silenced by the lamb (or at least its fleece.) 

While I still refuse to exercise outside in January temperatures  (beyond dog walking) I do look forward to February power walks wearing my OWN outdoor attire to inspire.  Since then, I’ve learned a great deal about functional, fashionable, outdoor workout wear  from the folks at Title Nine,  Lucy and Steele Fitness.  I wrote about it  for  Enjoy:    Attire to Inspire Winter Work Outs.   (That’s a link…)   🙂


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