Finding Clothes that Fit.


Late bloomer! October 15

It’s October 15 and, believe it or not, my flower garden is still bursting with blooms. Like me, you’re probably done weeding for the season.  Unless…you’re up for weeding out the wardrobe?    

Recently, my friend Jennifer Unplanned Cooking  and I, did just that.  Gone are the weeds that got in the way.  Now there’s room to bloom.  

In the video below, we seek out  flattering fits and give some examples of what to look for.  By weeding out the worn, the torn  and forlorn (Episode One),  Jennifer wont needlessly have to  try on clothes that didn’t make the cut. 

Furthermore,  the new and improved bra (Episode Two) will give the remaining pieces a better chance to be great. 

Great fitting clothes will do three things for you.

1) Disguise your flaws.

2) Accentuate your assets.

3) Balance your body shape.

 If they don’t accomplish this, they’re just weeds.  

Episode One: For a Wardrobe that Works (scroll back)                                                                                                                    Episode Two: Finding the Perfect Fitting Bra (scroll back)


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