Finding the Perfect Fitting Bra / video.

How do you know if you have the perfect fitting bra?  

Well… upon closure of the last hook and eye you should hear HALLELUJAHS in your head. If you don’t, the fit of your bra is probably blah.   

A great fitting wardrobe starts with basic foundations.  As we sorted though Jennifer’s closet last week, we didn’t bother fitting her existing clothes, until we found the perfect fitting bra.

 We headed to La Bratique at 50th and France in search of assistance. La Bratique is a professional bra fitting service showcasing premium everyday bras, and undergarments. Owner Tracy Anderson takes the guess-work out of fit, size and style during her 40 minute complimentary fitting appointments.

While our time with Tracy was both enlightening & enjoyable, the result was divine. As Jennifer emerged from the fitting room – we heard the hallelujahs.  (Friend, Catharine and I half expected to see rainbows, butterflies & Bambi in the mirror with Jennifer’s reflection.) 

A great fitting bra produces a great looking silhouette.  Some would say it is the most important garment we put on each day. This is one of those items of clothing you should invest in…and get a great Hallelujah Chorus to boot.  

Thank you for your expertise Tracy. 

La Bratique 5007 France Avenue S, Ste.1 (2nd floor)
Minneapolis, MN 55410


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