The Eyes are So Telling.

 At Thanksgiving when asked what I’m thankful for, I say Mascara. I’m kidding, of course, as I have so much to be grateful for… happiness, health, hubby, faith, friends, family. ( But really…I’m still a little thankful for mascara.) 

 Eyes are so telling… and a touch of eye make-up (in my case) tells the world I’m not as tired as I might look.  The best trick to open the eye is to put a little dot of shimmer on the inside corner of it.  Good for day or night— it works as well as a double espresso to make us “appear” awake for the day.   

 “Smoky eyes,” on the other hand say, “Is the babysitter here yet?” The trendy technique adds a touch of drama and mystique to evenings out.  While smoky eyes are easy to do with products such as Covergirl’s Smoky Eye Shadowblast (demo at bottom), professional make-up artists produce noticeably different results. Premium products, professional brushes, practice, practice, practice… 

Sheri Anderson/Laura Bellendier

Laura Bellendier, created sensational smoky eyes for gals attending the Flattering Fit Event at the 50th /France Amore & Fede Thursday evening.   

A color specialist, Laura has a knack for selecting shades that enhance your skin tones, as well as spotlight your eyes.    

Laura came to us compliments of Salon Lili, a fresh new Minnetonka salon already adorned with awards & accolades.  While the salon is stacked with skilled beauty artists like Laura, the space itself is artistic.  Open and airy, its walls bare the collections of local artists selected by Lili’s curator Michelle Poirier.  Rest your eyes on serene pastels & charcoals this month.      

More Type A?  Rest your eyes on your laptop screen.  Lili has WIFI which is wonderful when waiting on foils.   BTW- Do a full foil.  The aluminum is rumored to enhance signal strength.   

If you’re thinking this salon is pretty unique, you’re not the only one.  National and local publications are wowed by Lili’s OUTDOOR HAIR SERVICES,  which will resume next spring/summer.   A little breeze and warm sunshine can go a long way in the relaxation department. If that doesn’t make you drift away…their reclining massage shampoo chairs & heated towel service will.  The eyes are so telling… telling you to let Lilli love you. 

Salon Lili 5757 Sanibel Drive Minnetonka 55343   A William & Friends Salon  

DEMO /at home Smokey Eye:


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