ShoE-Harmony; Skinny Pant Seeking Sole Mate

Skinny jeans and pants are particular.  They wont go out with just any shoe.  Many hang out on the hanger Friday nights, rather than hang themselves with a bad choice.

A good choice?  Ballet flats. Cute, comfy & coverage.  (Covering the heel of your foot is key with a skinny pant.  This can also be done with high heeled shoes.) Having the sides & back of your foot covered extends and features the long, sleek line of the slim cut leg.  Conversely, wearing an open flat sandal or flip-flop ends the long line abruptly and seemingly features your FOOT.  Who wants to see a foot? 

Now…don’t ditch the open sandals altogether.  They look fine with shorter skinny pants.  In fact, the look fabulous.   Seeing some ankle WITH the foot is less abrupt.  Another sandal to consider with shorter skinnies…the gladiator wedge.  Great for Fall.   (BTW…time to think about putting together you Fall wardrobe.    

A painless place to peruse  the perfect pair is Free shipping both ways, 24/7 customer service & shoes often arrive the next business day!   The site allows you to specify heel height, color, style, price, etc… making the search for your sole mate somewhat scientific.   It’s ShoE Harmony for busy people who don’t have time to shop.       


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