Pedicures! Pick the Perfect Color.

There’s nothing like fresh feet with brightly painted piggies.  It’s such a treat to collapse into a king-size comfy-chair with multitudes of mindless magazines…  But not so fast… First, you must “Pick a color.”

 So many colors, so few toes.  “Chick Flick Cherry?”  Hmmm. Too red if I wear something pink.

 “Argenteeny Pinkini?”  Too pink if I wear something red!

 “Ready,” she says.  Oh no, the warm sudsy tub awaits and you’re decidedly undecided.  If only there was a  color that goes with EVERYTHING summer.

 Fret Not.  There exists a color that appreciates your indecision.  It too, is decidedly undecided.  OPI’s “Dutch Tulips” just can’t decide if it’s more pink or more red. It’s so practical  it’s practically neutral!  Dutch Tulips is bright like summer and seems to go with whatever you throw at it.  Red sundresses, dark denims, pink tank tops— somehow they all just seem to go with Dutch Tulips.    

 So if you’d rather not repaint your perfectly painted toes,  Go Dutch.   Dutch Tulips just seems to “Go.”


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4 Responses to “Pedicures! Pick the Perfect Color.”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Thanks for helping me “pick a color”…can’t wait to get it!!

  2. Amy Says:

    Too funny…I woke up this AM wondering about this because my outfit is pink and toes are red. I have been rearranging my wardrobe rather than my toes! Pinks one week, Reds the next! thanks

  3. LoveFeast Table Says:

    I completely agree! ~Chris Ann

  4. ML Says:

    HM…… Dutch Tulips has been my summer mainstay for years!! Great job!

    Consider “I am not a waitress Red” for Fall/Winter!

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