A Lesson From the Produce Section

  If you grocery shop like me, you skip through aisles and grab the usual. Your cart is full of familiar foods, as well as  the “impulse item”  you’re going to devour as soon as you get to the car.  

Your grocery store run would probably be much different, however, if you were charged with bringing “the salad” to a dinner party, for example.  First you’d stand if front of the fridge and figure out what you already have. Then you’d put together a list of salad items to make the meal marvelous.  The impulsive grocery shopping turns totally “intentional.”   Uh oh…forethought required—  “How can I make an ordinary salad extraordinary?”

Intentional shopping considers the end result.  It’s a good habit to get into for CLOTHING shopping, as well.  Having a grasp of your closet’s contents will help you add pieces that compliment your wardrobe, rather than add  the impulse piece that becomes that weird wall-flower garment. You know, the one that just wont mix with the other clothes.  How the clothes come together is key. Again, forethought required– What would make this ordinary top, extraordinary? What shoes would compliment these skirts?  etc

So take inventory of what’s behind those closet doors.  I actually snap digital pictures of client’s pieces, lay them all out in a document and print for shopping.   Sound like a pain? It is. We much prefer the vegetative state of impulse shopping.   It’s carefree and fun, but in the end, you’re often stuck with that “mistake of a mock-turtleneck” that just hangs there on the hanger to mock you.  On the other hand, “intentional shopping”  adds clothes that compliment…  and who doesn’t like a compliment now and then?


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