Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee.

  “Is this too ‘Grease,’” I asked my husband as we scurried out the door to a wine tasting party at my friend Jennifer’s.

 “Too what,” he asked, completely perplexed.

 “Grease. As in Sandy,”  I explained. “At the end of the movie she wore a black, off-the-shoulder sweater like the one I’m wearing.”

 “No! It’s cute,” he assured me with enthusiasm. “And Grease was like thirty years ago, by-the-way.”  

He was right. The sweater was cute and the movie was at least three decades ago. No one would remember. I threw on a statement necklace, anyway….to differentiate….just in case.  Okay!  Lip gloss… and we’re off.

Well girls…I may as well have worn Ms. Newton John’s red stilettos and struck a disco pose with John Travolta.  From across the room, my aforementioned Jennifer shot me a knowing grin.    And then I saw it.  I actually SAW the “Sandy thought” enter her smart aleck brain.  I raised my eyebrow and fired off a preemptive warning.  My friendly, syncopated “Shut. Up.-”  prevented her witty thought from becoming a spoken sentence.   Cat was already out the bag though.  Minutes, no SECONDS after my arrival a few of us couldn’t resist a few bars of “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” 

I enjoyed the night immensely, despite my iconic sweater (or was it BECAUSE of my iconic sweater? Hmmmm….)  Regardless, that cute little top confirmed what I had suspected in the first place:

One: If we wives have pause about our outfits, we should NOT consult our husbands.   They’re, after all, the same guys that tell us our butts DONT look big.              

Two: The statute of limitations for “Iconic looks” apparently never expires.   Which means I should throw out my Bjork dress…

Here’s to neighborhood wine tastings and the festive events in which we dress for.  More importantly, here’s to the friends that make them fun! 



3 Responses to “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee.”

  1. elizabethsciencemom Says:

    You are so funny and looked great. I didn’t think Sandy until you said it.

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  3. Jody Says:

    Now, who wouldn’t want to look like that? You looked fantastic!

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