The Scoop on Basics

 Basics…. are so basic.   Not fun to shop for.  It’s so easy to walk right by the solid v-necks,  ignore the basic tees– and cast them off as boring-vanilla.  If you find yourself thinking about basics this way, you’re probably lacking them. And if you’re lacking basics, you’re restricting your wardrobe options. Flair pieces are fabulous,    but too many– and you paint yourself into a corner.

For example, I have a chocolate tunic with gold embellishments around the neckline.  It’s cute. It’s got flair.   I wear it with skinny jeans and a ballet flat,  but that’s all I can wear it with.  It is too embellished for accessories,  and too long and too loose to wear any sort of pant that isn’t skinny.   “Hi Corner, meet Jilene and her paintbrush.”

    Now on the other hand, basics provide options.  This $22 basic yellow tee can be worn with shorts to the  park, or with a funky necklace to coffee at the corner.  Add an interesting scarf or a fitted jacket, walking shorts, a skirt…   Options!  Endless options! 

 So rethink basics.  Instead of boring, they’re a beneficial base coat.  Rather than paint yourself into a corner with no options, use them as a canvas on which to create.   Better yet… a scoop of “boring vanilla” to accessorize.  Hot fudge please.


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